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The "Healthy Reed" Crew

You can control your HEALTH and we're here to help!  Join us as we fight high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, and POWER UP your body and mind to reach your unlimited potential!

The Healthy Reed
Empowered Living Program

Your health is always your BEST PLAY!  Join the "Healthy Reed Crew" and connect your body and mind through our band of healthy warriors who meet monthly to discuss health, aging gracefully, and strengthening your body for the journey.

Healthy Reed Crew Members Receive:

  • Access to motivational workout videos

  • Monthly Live with Vinita Reed

  • Discounts on Healthy Reed Events

  • Weekly access to podcast interviews 

  • Latest News on Health and Wellness

  • Social Media Group Connection

You don't have to let "Father Time" steal your health, join the Healthy Reed Crew and take control of your wellbeing!

Take Control of your Health!


Healthy Reed Crew Product

Kickstart your weight loss into high gear with Total Life Changes teas.  Perfectly blended with your health in mind, I have been drinking these teas to help increase my energy, control my appetite, and improve my skin for years.  

Pick up your tea or any of our great products today to get started.

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